Common Mausoleum Information

A mausoleums is a building that holds the remains of one of more deceased people in an above ground room. Depending on the design of the mausoleum, it can be built for only a few people or created to hold a lot of people. And depending on how the mausoleum is constructed, there can be a simple and easy indoor room for visitors to come and pay their respects in.

At Mount Pleasant Crematory, our cremation center on Long Island offers affordable cremations for those who recently lost a loved one. We know how difficult this process is and we are here to help with every step of the way.

Let's take a quick look at some general information about mausoleums, for which there are pros and cons when going this route.

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Typical Costs Associated with a Mausoleums

As you'd suspect, there is quite a bit of variation when it comes to the cost associated with mausoleums and entombment. There are factors at play when choosing the right place, such as location and how many people are eventually planned for the mausoleum. For location, crypts in a garden and outdoors will typically run less than an indoor mausoleum. And if there are different levels on entombment, the ones, the ones above eye level are cheaper than the more easily accessible ones you can see when you walk in. So these are some considerations to factor in when choosing this route for your loved one.

Then there is the desire to have a private family mausoleum. Of course, this is an expensive route to go. But if this is something that is important for you, there are places out there that offer these types of mausoleums. Learn more about the different types of mausoleums and how there are a variety of different ways to go.

Common Rules and Regulations

As with anything, there are common rules and regulations when it comes to mausoleums and the subsequent entombment. And a lot of this depends on exactly where you decide to go with this. So it comes down to the particular burial grounds.

You will have to make a note of the visiting hours and when they are restricted. All places have their own set hours for this that you will need to follow. Some may only be open during the daylight hours. But other places may only have specific hours to go by. If this is something that doesn't work for you, be sure to know before moving forward.

Then there are rules and regulations regarding flowers and other types of memorial tributes that you can place near a loved one's mausoleum or crypt. Only certain items may be allowed in certain spots. Or the size of the tribute is restricted. Or that these items can only be placed in a certain spot. Make sure you know these aspects before placing down flowers or another type of memorial.

Whatever the rules and regulations, familiarize yourself with them so you become comfortable with the setting and its surroundings. We understand losing a loved one is difficult enough, but becoming comfortable with the location and its rules is important in the grieving process. We want you to feel safe when you come to visit your loved ones.