Cremation FAQ

Mount Pleasant Crematory is here to help you with all of your cremation needs. We have assembled an easy-to-follow frequently asked questions page to help anyone who is looking for guidance on the best cremation service on Long Island. Our staff understands how difficult it is to lose a loved one and sometimes these questions may slip your mind when looking into cremation options. Please look them over.

If you have any further questions about our cremation services, including niches and plots, please give us a call. The number for our office is 631-878-0482. When you call, we can go over all of the various details regarding your needs.

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Do you offer pre-arrangements for cremations?

YES, we offer pre-arrangements for cremations. What this means is that you can plan in advance the cremation of a loved one, or yourself, to ease the burden of dealing with this issue when someone passing. It is always so difficult to go through this process while grieving, but with our pre-arrangements for cremations, we make it easy for you to plan this in advance and relieve any stress down the line.

Do you offer funeral services to go with the cremation?

YES, we offer funeral services along with our cremations. When you turn to Mount Pleasant Crematory, you have the option of using our onsite chapel for crematory services. Check out our other website for full details on all of the cemetery services we offer.

Can I view the cremation as it happens?

YES, you can view the cremation as it happens.

Can I provide my own urn?

YES, you can provide your own urn for the cremation. We understand how special it is to have an urn that means something to the deceased and their loved ones.

How many days does it take for me to get my loved one's urn back?

With Mount Pleasant Crematory, you can get same day service or 24 hour service for the return of the ashes. For our same day service, there is a fee of $150. We also provide for the mailing of ashes if that is the most convenient option.

How do I know I received the correct ashes?

At Mount Pleasant Crematory, we utilize a state-of-the-art patent pending cremation sweeping tool called "Clean Sweep." What makes our system different is in how we gather your loved one's remains. Unlike the typical wire brush many use to clean out the retorts, our clean sweep technology uses air to extract only the remaining ashes of your loved one and not the remains of other cremations. By doing so, we reduce what is known as the "co-mingling of ashes" and ensures that the ashes you receive are the ones of your loved one.

What are the visiting hours for your cemetery?

The cemetery gates are open every day. Here are the visiting hours for our cemetery.

Summer Hours:
March 15th through October 15th: Open from 6:00 A.M. - 7 P.M.
Winter Hours:
October 15th through March 15th: Open from 7:00 A.M. - 5 P.M

Visit our office any weekday between 8 am and 3 pm. Discover for yourself the peace of mind we can offer you and the respect we'll give your loved ones. Come visit your loved ones on your terms with our wide ranging visiting hours.

Can all clothing be cremated?

NO, no all clothing can be cremated. It is important to keep in mind that not all materials are allowed into the cremation chamber. There are certain materials that are not combustible and could potentially damage the chamber or the equipment. So we recommend that you avoid dressing your loved one in cloths that feature metallic buttons, snaps, or zippers. And these materials CANNOT be cremated: metal, plastic, and glass.

Any clothes made from synthetic materials may be hazardous to burn. Also, electronic devices or implants, such as pacemakers or hearing aids, likely need removal before the process. For more direct questions about what is appropriate and what is not, please give us a call and we can help you navigate the cremation process.

And it may seem like common sense, but these are materials that you CAN cremate with your loved one: wood, cardboard, clothing made with natural materials, like cotton and wool.