Long Island Cremation Services

Cremation Services That Will Honor Your Loved One

Mt Pleasant Crematory of Long Island offers quality and trustworthy cremation services to those who recently lost a loved one. Our services are located in Center Moriches, which is located in beautiful eastern Long Island. We use state of the art technology to ensure the best service possible. There are quite a few benefits to getting a cremation when compared to an -in-the-ground burial. Read more about this process below. If you have any questions about it, just give us a call at 631-878-0482. We will answer any questions or concerns you have about this process or our services in general.

We have a few different locations to choose aside from our beautiful onsite chapel when it comes to our cremation services. Our staff can work with you to pick a suitable offsite location on Long Island for your cremation services. And as far as placing the remains, we provide you with a variety of options, including: niches, columbarium, mausoleum, burial spaces. By offering you a few choices, you will have the opportunity to choose the proper final resting place for your loved one.

With our cremation services, we have raised the bar on how we care for your loved ones and serve you best. We will continue to find innovative ways to improve our cemetery, keeping them efficient, dignified, respectful and, most importantly, affordable. Losing a loved one should never come with the burden and stress of financial issues.

What Our Long Island Cremation Services Offer

Cremation offers those who recently lost a love one a few benefits. It is never easy to go through this process, but with our cremation services, we can provide you with some piece of mind. This is especially true if the cremation was pre-planned. This simple service will allow you to live with one less thing to worry about. We make cremation services as easy to arrange as possible.

There is also a flexibility that comes with cremation services, as you can still opt for the classical funeral arrangements, but the scheduling can be accomplished in a much more convenient manner. Ensure all friends and family can be included by arranging for the services to occur at the best time possible. And for the cremation remains, well, you can opt to have them buried in the ground or take them home with you and do to them what you will. These options makes cremations a more convenient method.

And when it comes to money, that is not an issue. Cremation services on Long Island are less expensive when compared to traditional burials. You do not have to place the body in the ground, which means no land or headstone needs to be purchased. Also, no casket is required, which can save you a significant sum of money. If you do wish to store the remains on some sort of premises, those options are cheaper as the size of the remains is a big factor. Or spend no money and take the remains home with you.

Cremation Guidelines

All crematories must follow a strict code of standards when it comes to cremations. This is to make sure that the remains are ethically managed and handled. Only one body can be cremated at a time. All of the remains must be cleared from the cremation chamber before another cremation can be performed. Once your loved one is taken into care by a crematory, they will be properly ID'd and tagged in order to avoid any issues during the cremation process. All medical implants will be removed during the preparation for the cremation. Those are the basics. Here are the steps for a cremation:

  • The deceased is placed into a combustible container that is then placed into the cremation chamber.
  • The cremation process begins by adding intense heat to reduce the body to cremated remains or ashes.
  • During the process, the body is reduced to its base elements and can take between 1-4 hours. This is dependent on the ability of the machine.
  • The remains following the cremation are then mechanically grounded into a powder resulting is 3-9 pounds of cremated remains.

Affordable Long Island Cremation Services

Mt. Pleasant Crematory has years of experience and can provide you and your loved ones the care they deserve. We service people across Long Island (Suffolk County, as well as Nassau County). We have a state-of-the-art crematorium that ensures your loved one is treated with the respect and care they deserve.

Our Cremation Prices

For more information about our cremation services, then please reach out to us today. We will help you through this tough time and will warmly accommodate you with whatever questions you may have regarding our range of affordable cremation services. The number to call to speak to someone in our office is 631-878-0482. When you call, our staff will help answer any questions you may have. Many across Long Island turn to us for our thoughtful and elegant cremation services. So you are in good hands with us!