NYS Cremation Authorization Form

A New York State Cremation Authorization form is an important document that needs to be read, completed and understood by the person or persons in control of the disposition of human remains that will be delivered to a crematory, such as Mount Pleasant Crematory. This authorization form provides important information to the person or persons in control of disposition of the remains of a deceased. It also provides necessary information to the crematory receiving the remains. In general, this cremation authorization form ensures everything is in order before we start the cremation process.

In these instructions, the term “person in control of disposition” refers to any and all persons in control of disposition and the pronouns “he” and “his” shall be understood to also refer to the feminine as well as the plural. When there are multiple persons in control of disposition, all such persons must initial and sign where indicated.

If you need to fill out the form, click on the button below. If you need help filling it out, our staff can provide some guidance so you can accurately fill out the paperwork.

NYS Cremation Authorization Form

NYC Cremation Authorization Form Aspects

There are various aspects one needs to fill out in regard to the NYS Cremation Authorization form, which is necessary for all cremations in the state of New York. Below are the five sections one must fill out in order to complete the form.

  • Opening of the container
  • Identification of the deceased
  • Person in control of disposition
  • Final disposition
  • Cremation container/urn

Our staff can help you if you need guidance on filling out the form. At Mount Pleasant Crematory, we utilize a patent-pending, state-of-the-art clean sweep cremation system. Allowing for debris-free cremations and no co-mingling of ashes.

Considering Cremation Services?

Many people today opt for cremation instead of the traditional burial. A typical cremation funeral service is a blend of religious ritual, community tradition, and a desire to memorialize the deceased. At Mt. Pleasant Crematory, which is managed by Mt. Pleasant Cemetery of Center Moriches, we provide families who seek cremation with the same variety of choices that accompany a traditional burial, including the purchase of a niche for the urn. We will help guide you through the process in order to make a decision for you and your family in regard to the deceased and their cremation services. 

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