Types of Mausoleums

Mausoleums are simply buildings that hold the remains of one of more deceased people in an above ground room. Depending on the design, the mausoleum can be built for only a few people, or created to hold a lot. The actual room where the bodies are kept is called the crypt. And the process of placing the casket in the crypt is called entombment. Depending on the mausoleum, there may be an indoor room for visitors to come and pay their respects. All of these details come down to the cemetery site.

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At Mount Pleasant Crematory, we offer mausoleums for people across Long Island, New York. For more information about our crematory services, please give us a call. The number for our office is 631-878-0482. When you reach out, we can discuss the possibilities for any of our crematory and cemetery services, including the use of a mausoleum. Learn more about the pros and cons of opting for a mausoleum. And read on to learn more about the different types of mausoleums. Not all of these are available with us, but knowing the different types helps you come to an informed decision.

Indoor Mausoleum & Chapel Mausoleum

When it comes to an indoor or chapel mausoleum, there is always an indoor area. In most cases, this room, or series of rooms, is in the middle of the mausoleum and is surrounded by crypts. For a chapel mausoleum, this room is expected to accommodate potential funeral services. It is also available for private moments of reflection and paying respect. But it does not always need to be centered around any religious or faith-based services. It can simply be a room with some chairs or benches.

Public Mausoleum

A public mausoleum is open to all people who want to purchase space there. So many different families will have their loved ones' remains at the mausoleum. Oftentimes, this is a larger structure that can hold many bodies. But depending on the cemetery, they can vary in size. At Mount Pleasant Crematory, we offer public mausoleum space. Simply purchase a spot and your loved one has a permanent resting place.

Outdoor Garden Mausoleum

A garden mausoleum is outdoors, so it does not have an indoor room for visitors. The structure is solely made up of crypts. So, for visiting purposes, you are always outdoors. As you would when visiting a grave site. Again, this comes down to the cemetery itself and how it lays out the mausoleums. Many have this outdoor structure, since it saves space on the premises. And it is built to withstand the elements.

Private Family Mausoleum

A family mausoleum is a private mausoleum. So it is not open to the public, since it is owned by a single family. Only they have access to this sort of location. Since they only house one family, these mausoleums are typically smaller than any public one. However, if money is not an option, there is almost no limit to the size of it. But it is important to understand these structures are not cheap to build. And unlimited wealth is not common.

Single & Companion Crypt

Inside a public mausoleum, you will find single and companion crypts. A single crypt is designed to hold just one person's casket. Whereas a companion crypt will hold two caskets. These caskets may be side by side or on top of one another. Couple's are the most likely candidates to opt for a companion crypt.

Lawn Crypt

A lawn crypt is another term for an underground mausoleum. Typically two people use such a crypt, but you can find them with just one person, too. When it comes to the benefits of a lawn crypt, it offers benefits from both underground burials and mausoleums entombment. It is a space-saving option, since it is underground and you can bury two people on top of one another.


The use of a sarcophagus is also for just one or two people. But instead of being underground like a lawn crypt, it is above ground. When it comes down to it, a sarcophagus is simply a small version of a garden mausoleum.