Pros and Cons of Mausoleums

When you turn to Mount Pleasant Crematory, you have the option of choosing a family mausoleum for the remains of your loved one. A mausoleum is the name of a building that holds the remains of one or more deceased people in an above ground area. In general, a mausoleum can be built for any number of people. After the funeral takes place, we move the casket into the mausoleum. This is where that casket, or urn, stays with the rest of the family member inside for viewing.

When it comes to viewing, the mausoleum typically has an indoor room. This way you can come and pay your respects at your convenience. To learn more about the family mausoleum options at Mount Pleasant Crematory, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding mausoleums.


Our Cremation Prices

Check out all of our crematory options and give our office a call. The number to dial is 631-878-0482. When you call, we can further discuss your situation, as well as go over any pricing details. Many in the east end of Long Island turn to us for their cremation services. There are some common rules and regulations that come along with a mausoleum that you mind find helpful before coming to a decision. That is on top of the pros and cons of this type of burial service.

Pros of a Mausoleum

Privacy & Protection From Weather

When a mausoleum is indoors, you get protection from the elements. So you can spend time with a loved one and not have to worry about the weather. On top of that, you get a little extra privacy. And some people may not want to visit a cemetery due to anxiety or some other issue. With a mausoleum, it can be a more comfortable way to visit the remains of a loved one.

Space Efficient

When it comes to storing caskets, mausoleums offer vertical space. Which means that bodies can rest in a smaller area when compared against in the ground burials. Since ground burial can only be done horizontally.

Year-Round Access

The ground freezes during the winter on Long Island, which may not always make it possible to have a ground burial. When you opt for a mausoleum, there is no need to worry about that aspect. And you do not have to worry about the cold temperatures during visitation, since the casket is inside.

Not Available at All Cemeteries

So why is this under the pro? Well, not all cemeteries offer a mausoleum. However, when you turn to Mount Pleasant Crematory, you have the option to explore a family mausoleum.

Cons of a Mausoleum

Typically More Expensive

When it comes to burying a loved one, it can often be an expensive undertaking. With some options simply being more expensive than others. Oftentimes a mausoleum is the most expensive option out there. Of course, you get the great benefits mentioned before, but you have to be willing to pay the price. Not everyone can afford a family mausoleum. Please call our office to further discuss these details.

Deterioration Over Time

Mausoleums of course run the risk of succumbing to father time. It can receive damage during a storm, weather through the ages, or simply naturally deteriorate. Of course, this is also a con of a graveyard tombstone, which will also age and fall apart over time.

Possibility of Odors

When you place a casket in a mausoleum, the decomposition process occurs above ground. So there may be bad odors over time. When the body is under ground, there is almost no way to smell it. You have been to a cemetery before. Have you smelt any bad odors?

Of course, we do everything in our power to keep up the hygiene, but sometimes these smells leak out. It is only natural. Each family mausoleum on our premises is properly constructed and ventilated, so the smell is always minimal. That is if you smell anything at all. Because we know what it is like to have a poorly made mausoleum and the smells that infect the air.

Exploding Caskets

You heard that right! Exploding caskets! An actual, unpleasant truth about the decomposition process. For an airtight seal, the leaking gases build up over time to the point where a burst may occur inside the casket. This burst can dislodge the lid. So if it happen at the inopportune time, someone may thing the dead is alive!

Don't worry. The dead is not coming back as zombies. We know how to properly seal the caskets in our family mausoleums, which means we typically do not have to deal with this issue. For what it is worth, there are caskets that allow some gas out, which means some smell gets out, but it prevents any sort of gas buildup. Learn something new everyday, huh?